Transgender Anti-Discrimination for Affordable Health Insurance

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Transgender Anti-Discrimination for Affordable Health Insurance

September 14, 2015

American Government is doing a great job cultivating the Affordable Care Act (ACA) law according to Americans’ 140226-stethoscope-1940_94ff34e0e567519779f514f64b3c7cfe (1)medical needs. Now that many transgender Americans have been experiencing shameful discrimination, Obama administration has to react to this unbecoming situation.

Obama once declared that ACA is for every American who needs medical attention, without exemption and without excuses.

From this assertion, a recently proposed rule was finally born. This protects the rights of people against judgment based on disabilities, age, origin of nationality, race or even sex. This rule is under ACA which states that no patient should undergo discrimination from any medical group or program.

Transgender are sturdily protected with this newly proposed rule. They can now receive equal healthcare insurance and assistance from all other patients around. Health insurers and medical providers who are proven to violate this right could lose their license to work and suffer lawsuits accordingly.

Their health plan doesn’t include any special reform or services. It basically depends on what he / she chooses. It is also clear with this regulation that insurance will not answer any medical procedure related to any gender transition, but with ACA law, insurance can cover medical process linked to the reproductive system.

An example of this is Danny’s situation. Danny was naturally born female, but when she was 35, she was declared as transgender male without undergoing sex reassignment surgery. With the help of the new anti-discrimination program, under ACA, she is entitled to enroll to any health insurance plan without any question about her gender.

Danny’s doctor required her to undergo Pap smear as a health procedure. Danny’s insurance will cover the procedure as long as it is included to her chosen plan. Danny shall not experience any unlawful judgement from the insurers or any of the medication team, or else they’ll seriously face lawsuit in accordance to the anti-discrimination rule in ACA.

Obama administration will expect decrease of uninsured Americans in the next months, since percentage of the population will be benefitting from this and eventually grab good offers.

ACA’s target is to disseminate affordable health insurance to every American. Aware that the objective is still far from perfection, wit

Every human being in this world has a right to seek medical attention and this right should not be deprived just because of someone’s perception. Stop discrimination and let’s provide health insurance to everyone, including our transsexual neighbors.