Short Term Health Insurance


Short Term Health Insurance

September 26, 2015

When a peimages (1)rson attains unexpected glitches in getting a health insurance, they can always enroll themselves in Short term health plans. Short term health insurance are made for people who are not enrolled in a health insurance program, yet they want to guarantee their health being.

Having a short term health insurance is being covered from a particular health insurance plan in a very limited period of time. The phase of coverage usually ranges from 30 days to 365 days. These kind of plans typically protect plan holders from climate disasters and accidents.

Short term health plans are non-renewable. If your plan has expired and you want to continue with that plan, then you should go through the same process all over again.

The benefits that the short term insurance can give is that it’s not expensive. Compared to complicated and very high costs of major medical insurance, short term insurance is indeed, has lower-cost health maintenance. The insurance holder can also customize the length of the plan, this is why this insurance can be a convenient solution for undecided coverage options or even travelers.

A disadvantage of short term health insurance is it doesn’t cover many essential health benefits. This also doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions of the holders and the enrolled person can’t expect any aid from the affordable care act law in paying this plan. Yes it’s true that short term health insurance is not expensive, but the benefits in the major health plans is no match with the short term plan.

Of course short term health insurance exists for a reason or two. These are the reasons why people purchase short term health plans in the midst of affordable health insurance upsurge:

  • When one has just left their job and just detached from the employees’ group insurance.
  • While still waiting from employer group coverage to start.
  • Waiting for the Marketplace coverage to start
  • Traveling in a faraway place in a certain amount of time.
  • Just graduated from college and still waiting for employment.
  • Seasonal or contractual employment
  • Age dependency limit reached in an insurance plan.

If you experience any of the above situation, you can consider the option of enrolling in a short term health insurance. This can be a useful step towards a better health insurance in the future.

Always remember that in using short term health insurance, you must be smart in deciding when to enroll for this. Some may call this insurance plan “junk” but one must actually see that having a short term health insurance plan is undeniably better than leaving one’s health uninsured.