Shopping For Health Insurance Incredibly Stressful


Shopping For Health Insurance Incredibly Stressful

February 12, 2016

If you spent any meaningful amount of time shopping for health insurance instead of riding on your parents’ coverage or getting it from your employer, you will know just how stressful such times can be. It’s frustrating, involves taking too many factors into consideration, and if you’re not exactly rich, you will have to shop all over the place in order to find a provider that isn’t going to rob you blind. This is what a lot of other people have to deal with on a yearly basis such as the case with Gail Galen of Warrenton, Oregon.

Gail has had to switch to two different health insurance providers since she got coverage back in 2014 thanks to the Affordable Care Act simply because the price rose every time. Now, she’s poised to shop for another health insurance provider and she is not liking it at all. For those who might be thinking it, insurance shopping is not exactly the kind of thing that even women are particularly fond of.

Ms. Galen says, “Every year I feel like I’m starting all over again, and I just dread it. My stress level just shoots up.”

She is by no means the only one too.

For those who have not really been keeping up with the trends, the ACA has allowed as many as 9 million people who did not have health insurance before to have coverage. This is a good thing by a lot of standards of measures, but people do forget that there are other sides to this arrangement.

As a consequence to the ACA, there are now numerous other avenues for health insurance companies to take as well as more offers to make. In relation to this, prices tend to be a little more unstable as a result and it has recently been going in the higher direction. This has therefore made shopping for health insurance a genuine pain in the neck.

It would appear though that switching to different insurance providers is exactly what the law was intended to encourage which would then promote competition among the different insurance providers. By going to those with cheaper premium rates, customers will be able to find coverage for cheap while insurers will have extra motivation to lower their premium rates. Unfortunately, it is inevitable that the premiums will go up and stay up for the long term.

This causes headaches for consumers because health insurance is not exactly the simplest arrangement one could make, particularly with different companies that are likely to have different offers. For those who need affordable health insurance, it’s a veritable nightmare.