Scenarios Where Health Insurance Would Be Really Handy


Scenarios Where Health Insurance Would Be Really Handy

November 2, 2015

Health insurance can be such a vague thing to a lot of people. To most, it’s basically a means to save money when their medical bills arrive, which is a pretty serious thing if you really think about it. Just to make things quite a bit clearer though, it does help if you can show people exactly what they will be getting with health insurance through a few specific scenarios that have more than a fair chance of happening.


The whole point to a getting a health insurance policy, indeed, any kind of insurance policy has to do with being prepared for the unexpected. What could be more unexpected than an accident?

Whether it’s an accident at work, a driving accident, accident at home or an accident in the bathroom, you can have an accident practically anywhere. The more serious the accident, the more you’ll have to pay in medical bills. That’s going to be an annoying proposition on top of the pain you’ll likely be in. It’s best to just focus on recovery after all instead of laying awake, thinking about how you’re going to pay for your bills.

Work Risks

This should be an obvious one but a lot of people are surprisingly cavalier with regards to the risks that their work poses and their lack of health coverage. If you work in an oil field, in mining, in construction and other such similar lines of work, you are at risk of all kinds of bodily harm. You would be in luck if the company you are working for will provide you with worker’s coverage. If not, you will have to shoulder all the expenses yourself and that would be a heavy burden.

Lifestyle Risks

Let’s say you like to do sky diving or deep sea diving. Let’s say something happens when you’re doing those or other similar risky hobbies that do not lead to your death. You will have to deal with the medical bills afterwards. So when you’re into those kinds of things, you may want to invest in a good health insurance plan. It will save you a heck of a lot of problems later on, plus you can continue to do what you love since you will get the treatment that you need.

Unexpected Illnesses

Barring those diseases that are entirely expected such as lung, throat or mouth cancer when you smoke, as well as type-2 diabetes that then leads to things like amputated limbs or the maintenance of expensive drugs, health insurance can help when you have to deal with unexpected illnesses.