Questions and Answers about Health Insurance


Questions and Answers about Health Insurance

July 17, 2015

HealthcareStatistic shows that 15% of the American Population does not have health Insurance. This can be due to high insurance premium or the lack of understanding on why one needs health protection coverage. Here are some of the most common questions that are being answered for you to learn more about health insurance.

Question: Do I really need health insurance coverage?

Answer: Yes, you do, because you cannot predict how much your medical bills will be when you need it. It provides you security for your future medical bills liability. We all know that as the medical sciences advances, medical bills increases, thus the purpose of getting health protection coverage are to actually help you pay for your care.

Question: How can I get it?

Answer: There are two types of health insurance, the group health and the individual health protection plan. Group insurance is typically offered by the employers, professional associations, or other legally created organization. Premiums offered in this health protection are slightly lower than the individual care protection and the best part is the employer or the organization sometimes offers to pay a portion of the premiums. Group health is governed under 1 policy, so you can’t change your coverage anytime. If you do not have the access to group healthcare, you can opt to buy individual healthcare. You can go directly to the company to buy your own coverage. You will be the sole owner of your policy and you are also the one responsible to pay the entire premiums due. In this case, it is better that you shop around and look for affordable health insurance coverage with the best medical protection plan offer.

Question: How will I know that the healthcare protection is right for me?

Answer: Even if you are covered by a group protection plan it is important that you know and understand the coverage. Know what type of and services that you are going to get. Ask when you need to have approval for your coverage, like hospitalization, outpatient care, prevention etc… Ask also, how your benefits are going to be paid, if you need to submit claim. Make sure that you have a wide array of surgical, medical and hospitalization services. Some plans offer prescription drugs and dental coverage.

Question: Can I still get the coverage even if I have a pre-existing condition?

Answer: Yes, but most insurers request a 12 months waiting period for the pre-existing illness such as, heart disease, diabetes etc… as long as you undergone treatment within the previous 6 months and also as long as you maintain your healthcare coverage without a break for more than 63 days.

If you truly care and love your family, ensure that you get the health care insurance coverage for yourself and your family. It is better to take care of your future medical bills at a lower costs to health insurance coverage than be sorry later and panic where to get the money to pay all the medical bills that you or your family may need in the future.