More Things That Affect Health Insurance Premiums


More Things That Affect Health Insurance Premiums

November 2, 2015

The items that we discussed last time were all expected when it comes to determining what your health insurance premium was going to be. Now, let’s delve into the rest which you might expect or not. Regardless, they are important to keep in mind as they will help arm you with the right information that you need in order to approach your health insurance provider from a prepared standpoint.

Of course, this is not meant to encourage you to cheat on your information. No, that would be extremely ill-advised. Instead, you can try to negotiate for a lower premium if the company allows it by presenting the following factors in a more favorable light.

Family History

Your family history says a lot about you regardless of how much of an individual you may think of yourself. If your family has a history of certain fatal medical ailments for example, chances are your premium is going to go up. Those with families that have a history of cancer, cardiovascular diseases and mental illnesses are particularly prone to being subjects of higher premiums because of their family’s history.

Your Job

You might not think it, but your job very much has to do with determining your premium. High-risk jobs like those in construction, mining and oil field workers are considered to be high-risk clients, and so they will be charged more. For those working in offices where all you do is punch keys on a keyboard while sitting behind a desk all day, you’re not safe either. These jobs have a high likelihood of causing obesity, high blood pressure and even blood clots that could lead to life-threatening incidents.


Where you live affects how much you will pay for your health insurance premium because of environmental risks, societal trends and so on. At least, this is what providers will assume when it comes to where you live. They have statistics that they rely on to determine your level of risk as a client and if you get higher premiums, it might be because your neighbors also have higher premiums. Yes, it doesn’t even have to do with you personally.

Marital Status

According to studies, married couples tend to live longer and stay healthier than those who are single. This is another reason to get married other than to save on taxes and love. It favors men more than women, but data suggests that this is simply because men were more prone to risky behaviour when they were single to begin with. When they get married, these tendencies decrease.