Health Insurance Tips For College Grads

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Health Insurance Tips For College Grads

December 10, 2015

Once you graduate from college, it’s likely that you would already have graduated from your parent’s health insurance plans too. You could still technically be included, but the process is a hassle and includes a lot of particulars that might just lead to nothing. As such, you have to be prepared to act so that you don’t go for too long without health insurance coverage since that can be a really bad predicament. The following tips will go a long towards insuring that you will come out just fine even as you start the next chapter in your life.

Qualifying Events

There are a lot of undertones to a health insurance policy than a lot of folks realize, mostly because they know that there are a lot of undertones and would rather not have to deal with any of them. Unfortunately, this is simply necessary such as things called qualifying events. As you might have guessed, such events are necessary for your to qualify for something, and this time that something are subsidies that the Affordable Care Act can provide you with which would then alleviate the burden of paying for the plan on your own.

Unfortunately, the mere act of graduating is not a qualifying event. However, if you lose your previous coverage because you have graduated, that can be considered as such.

Leave No Coverage Unturned

It would surprise you to learn just how many health insurance plan options you really have if you even bother to look and that is what we encourage you to do. Never be satisfied with general knowledge. Poke even deeper and cast your need wider. The sources of coverage depend only on your ability to make your own way in life, so be imaginative and do your homework.

Cheap Insurance Is Not Always Cheap

You know how some people think that a Jaguar is a cheap car? That’s because cheap is a matter of perspective. Just because a health insurance policy is being marketed as cheap, this does not mean that you can readily afford it on your own. This ties in neatly with our leave no coverage unturned tip too.

Separate When Necessary

Again, you can technically still be under your parents’ health insurance plan if you want, but this can pose a lot of trouble. If you are going to be working in another city or state for example, getting to health professionals that are within your network might become more difficult if not impossible considering the circumstances. As such, just because it’s an option, you should not automatically assume that it’s the best one.