Health Insurance For Your Pets?


Health Insurance For Your Pets?

October 13, 2015

Okay, so this post is geared more towards our readers who own pets as, believe it or not, your pets do need them. This is because the medical bill for your beloved furry, scaly or slimy friends can really pile up if you’re not careful. There are also plenty of you out there who would do anything for your pets, and it would be a shame if you ended up ruining your own health and lives because of something that could have been prevented. So just to keep to the safe side, we’ll be talking about pet health insurance.

Now, as we already mentioned, it’s the financial protection that you get when you buy your pet health insurance that is the biggest incentive for getting one. Well, that and making sure that your pets remain healthy all their lives. Make no mistake though, as pets live longer, they are going to require more and more treatments even as it varies in terms of the species, the level of care your provide and so on.

Before getting a plan though, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Now, these are probably things that you’ll go through with your agent anyway, but it pays to know about them beforehand anyway.

Plan Type

Just like with your health insurance, different plans offer different protection. Always ask the agent if they provide protection for such things as hereditary diseases, dental care and special foods because these are not in most plans. After that, you ask about the usual stuff like check ups, vaccinations, flea and tick removal and surgery coverage.


Naturally, you’re going to be paying for your pet’s health insurance, but how much will depend on the pet and the type of plan you’re getting. Where you live and what you do can also affect the premium. The good news is that you can save on your premium with such things as insuring more than one pet and with deductibles.


You will likely need to be pay deductibles before your pet can be insured and this can drastically decrease the premium you will have to pay. So you will need to weigh the different aspects of this arrangement and see if you’re willing to dole out money now or later.


Okay, so this is the tricky bit. A lot of companies can be real sneaky when it comes time to pay. They may only pay 90 percent of what they deem “reasonable and customary” instead of the full bill. They could also come with lifetime maximums or per type of illness or injury riders. Be sure to ask about this.