Changes Caused by the Healthcare Insurance Rates

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Changes Caused by the Healthcare Insurance Rates

September 4, 2015

Before 2010, many people, especially the poor, couldn’t afford a healthcare insurance. Some employees, including employers, were even confused to avail because of high charges. According to the survey, many underinsured people were paying for high immediate medical services, rather than availing for a healthcare insurance plan. This is the time when mortality rate just amplified.

In 2010, America celebrated when a new healthcare law was signed by their good leader, President Obama. It was the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or the giving of affordable healthcare insurance to anyone who’s in need of it. This law will prevent the insurance company to resist unqualified ones because of this law. This is when low-profile citizens had acquired insurance and even offered special offers to people who have health problems.

The graph below shows how health insurance holders bloomed in the year of ACA. You can compare the percentage of plan holders in different years from 1997 until 2015.


Looking at the graph, maybe you’re starting to wonder why the percentage of insurance holders declined after the “golden year” of health insurance passed by, when we actually thought that was the start of a new health-friendly era.

Yes, health insurance was given to everyone and yes, they were affordable, but not ‘til the health supplies and medications started to increase its rates, and the next thing we knew was that professional service fees followed the increase as well.

Insurance companies increased their rates and state by state, government people has been announcing this increase of health insurance costs. Looking at the big picture in this situation, this means many people, again, could actually drop their health insurance because they couldn’t afford to have one for financial reasons and then it will pull the mortality rate down again.

We can be prepared for the changes but the national effect is the real horror in this circumstance. People will be left unprepared for sicknesses.

Health is a serious deal that we can’t run through.  Especially now a days when the surrounding is harsh, no matter how everything changes, we should be prepared in times of illness, never put yourself vulnerable to deseases, and always put your health in priority.